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Customer Feedback; Assembly Houses


Wavetronics;  Sydney - Australia

Carl Harris (2001)

I would like to recommend Robi Artwork to any manufacturing / OEM company that enjoys ease of  manufacture. With over 25 years of experience in contract manufacturing I can honestly say the pcb  layouts by Robi have been nothing short of excellent in regards to through hole and surface mount  assembly. Component positioning and orientation suit any form of soldering; reflow, wave, gluing and  wave.


Customer Feedback; Manufacturing


Synergy;  Sydney - Australia

Tim Tasi (2002)

We have manufactured numerous PCB’s over the last five years which have been designed by Robi. The  files received are always of the highest quality with a commonsense approach to the ease of  manufacturability for any OEM or Contract Electronics Manufacturer.

All relevant details are noted for the Bare PCB manufacturer which removes all Grey Area’s, during the  PCB manufacturing process and in turn speeding up the production of final product.


Customer Feedback R&D


Contemporary Control Systems (CCS);  Chicago - USA

Bennet Levine (2004)

 …..; Robi, you have an interesting background and I think you could handle our designs. I will send you our NDA – once we’ve received, I will send you our next pcb design.


Fairlight ESP;  Sydney - Australia

Kim Ryrie (1987)

…..; this is to confirm that Fairlight has been using Robi Bittler for nearly all of our PCB designs        since1987. I don’t hesitate to recommend the quality of Mr Bittler’s design


Leeds & Northrup (L&N);  Brisbane - Australia

Col Higgins (1984)

.....; the quality of work is excellent, delivery reliable and prices competitive. I have no hesitation in recommending Robi Artwork to other potential customers


Foxboro;  Brisbane - Australia

Chris Sloane (1984)

…..; has contracted Robi Artwork to produce pcb artwork since 1984. His quality of work is excellent, delivery is quick and reliable and prices competitive. The results always reflect the highest standard of design accuracy. I have no hesitation in recommending Robi Artwork to other potential customers


IPS Invensys;  Hyderabad - India

Praphull Dwivedi (2001)

…..; It was my first experience to have modification on the complex boards. The way Robi did it without any second modification is really appreciable. I have no hesitation in saying that Robi artwork has all that quality; which is required by a good PCB designer


Leica Geo Systems;  Brisbane - Australia

Rodney Gullickson (1987)

We have used the service of robi artwork for the last 12 years. We are impressed with the quality of  design; fast turn around times and his habit of not making assumptions, which in electronics  can cause many problems. All the work is professional and any changes requested are promptly completed.


MetaChip;  Sydney - Australia

Norman Jackson (2001)

Robi Artwork has been designing PCBs for us for over 5 years. All of his designs are of excellent quality  and have proved to be very reliable to manufacture. Robi's competitive rates, his extensive knowledge of  pcb design and pcb process makes his service extremely attractive as a design partner.


NLT Australia;  Brisbane - Australia

TJ Botha (2005)

Robi has been designing multiple pcbs for us; to be used in explosive hazardous areas that need  certification by an accredited body to be intrinsically safe to be granted EC EX ia approval. Robi had to work under tight timeline while having non conventional requirements. The EX ia certification requires strict requirements and segregation rules in the attempt to prevent sparking between tracks and components. Robi added a special layer to show this segregation to make the assessment simple and accurate. Robi's work was excellent and he was always willing to work in close relation to us through many engineering changes while we had to learn the ropes ourselves. The resulting products are currently used successfully in the market.

I highly recommend Robi to other companies that may be in need of PCB designs.


Perkins Technologies;  Brisbane - Australia

Adrian Ball (1984)

Robi has done the PCB artwork for all my designs since 1984. Quality of work has always been excellent, as has the working relationship. I highly recommend Robi to any potential customer.


Smart Av;  Sydney - Australia

Chris Alfred (1987)

…..; I strongly recommend Mr. Bittler’s work to other designers.


Stallion Technologies;  Brisbane - Australia

Bob Waldie (1984)

…..; the work involved dense multilayer boards. We found Robi Bittler to offer a flexible and accurate  service. He has many years experience in the industry and his workmanship is of the highest professional  standard.